3013H Constellation Alloy Combat Rotary Gyro Battle Toy Steel War Spirit BB108 Sky Dragon

3013H Constellation Alloy Combat Rotary Gyro Battle Toy Steel War Spirit BB108 Sky Dragon Packing: 240 Boxes Packing Specifications: 73 × 30 × 59CM Gross Net: 28.5/ 26 kg 108 Packed with transmitter 108 bulk without transmitter accessories random "Beyblade steel war spirit" (Taiwan translation of "Beyblade steel Jones",Japanese "メ タ ル フ ァ イ ト ベ イ ブ レ ー ド") is a popular anime in Japan.Since being broadcast on TV TOKYO in April 2009, it has immediately set off a gyro boom in Japan.It was subsequently broadcast in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and other places, and it also attracted the attention of many battle gyro enthusiasts. The story of "Spinning Gyro Steel War Soul" is rich and loved by childrens friends.Japan is about to launch its fourth episode, which will set off another round of gyro booms.The spinning top is not only a toy for children, but also the childhood and expectations of everyone. series with other models need to contact customer service to provide links many friends is the first time purchase, freight there are many questions and concerns, here are some frequently concerntopic, hoping to eliminate some questions and concerns one: good hair freight or courier? Solution: Freight is almost always a large transaction. There is a minimum cost for small bags and parcels, ranging from 30-55 yuan, so there is less cargo, and it is not necessarily cost-effective to send freight. Orders in Guangdong and overseas are less than 500 yuanOrder, choose courier is better! II: How much is shipping? Solution: Take dedicated line logistics as an example. Generally, domestic first-tier cities do not charge more than 40 yuan for a shipment and 60 yuan for transit. The prices of Debang, Tiandi Huayu, Xinbang, and Jiaji are relatively high.Company prevails! three: Freight How long? Solution: Chenghai is the worlds toy factory, and the logistics industry is very developed. The domestic first-tier cities are basically reachable within four days, and the transit city is about one week!Fabang and other well-known domestic logistics, the time is about one or two days longer than the dedicated line logistics. The estimated transportation time between you and us is for reference only. It does not rule out that it is affected by many factors such as weather, vehicle arrangements, traffic conditions, and so on.Arrive on time and hope not to embarrass us! four: be careful delivery locations! Solution: Compared with Debang and Jiaji, there is a disadvantage of dedicated line logistics, and the outlets are not comprehensive. Generally, there is only one service point in a city, and many county-level cities are less than that.Although the special line logistics freight is cheap, it may appear that the pick-up location is tens of kilometers away from you, so it is necessary to know the specific delivery location before choosing a freight company to avoid time-consuming and laborious tens of kilometers of pick-up.of! five: time delivery and found serious damage outside the box, how to handle the crush to do? Solution: Please contact me immediately 0754-85634544!!!Inform the damage level and the number of missing items, and we will coordinate the solution with the freight company!Signing and picking up the goods without authorization will make the freight company avoid the responsibility in a logical way. The dilemma will not be protected by us, and the consequences will be borne by us! purchase Notes: 1, sources explained homegrown, short production cycle company, product quality assurance. 2, about the size dimensions are manual measurement, due to different measurement methods and measurement tools and other factors, there will be 1-2cm error, please prevail in real goods. 3, about color OUR goods are taken in kind, by professional color proofing, and tile physical map closest, because of the color contrast and color temperature are different computer monitors and so on. 4, on the customer service advisory If you failed to reply, please leave a message, we will respond to you the first time.Please forgive me! 5, about the quality of affect the normal use of goods, such as breakage, cracking, serious flaws, rupture regarded as quality problems, the shop responsible.However, due to delays in courier delivery, slight deviations in size, different from the imagination, slight color difference, dislike of materials, etc., are not quality issues.Without affecting the second sale, return and exchange are allowed, and the buyer bears the return freight. 6, express our cooperation on delivery have (default) rhyme, Nadu, tact, excellent speed. 7, on receipt sure to check the parcel when the courier receipt member surface, you have every right to do so (by the buyer himself agreed to take equal rights by others on behalf of), if anyIf you find missing, wrong hair, or damaged, please contact us as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not sign for them. We will solve the problem for you in time.After signing, Alis latest regulations on time, the risk has been transferred to the buyer, the store is no longer responsible for compensation, please forgive me.
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