Foreign trade hot-selling alloy assembly constellation gyro gun set two-way handlebar launcher

Foreign trade hot-selling alloy assembly constellation gyro gun set two-way handlebar launcher gyro and accessories color random launcher red blue black 3 colors can be selected72PCS packing specifications: 59.5 * 37.5 * 75 gross weight: 21 / 18KG site product support mixed batch of mixed batch of orders requires a total of over 300 yuan perAny money order quantity after a successful order will automatically become our member, members enjoy preferential policies, some product images and prices need to become our members can see For Purchasing or querying members authorized products and prices, you can also send your Alibaba member name to our customer service staff to apply for membership in advance. rely on our own factory, mature production technology, providing customers with personalized custom processing services customers only need to provide product samples or clear pictures and related product detailssize, we can be processed in accordance with these custom the occasion of the production tooling costs prepaid customers need, ranging from 1000-80000 yuan, to communicate our confirmation verified by test mode out of the sample For large-rated orders, before production, customers need to prepay 20-50% of the starting capital according to the customized quantity. Business Profile: Our professional management team of e-commerce, providing services and support to supply customers shop, shop dealers are welcome to join the cooperation. Join Advantage: provide comprehensive product data packets for your use providing a generation of delivery service and limits reduce your costs unified product prices, to avoid malicious price competition, regulate the marketProvide the existing inventory quantity every week, so that the merchants can always know the inventory and avoid the pressure of no-stock hanging New product promotions are provided every month to guide sales and promote the trading atmosphere take the entire price of the goods uniformly and enjoy salesupgrade membership discount joining requirements: have long-term intentions there is plenty of time and a certain shop experience customer needs product data packets need to pay 99 yuanDeposit, refund the deposit when picking up more than 1,000 yuan, or starting from 500 yuan for a single pickup How to join: Please contact the customer service staff of this site directly, inform the operating website and Alibaba member name, and you can open the agent after verificationauthority Member: accumulated transaction amount over $ 500, the site automatically upgraded to ordinary members, after the system automatically orders hit 9.9% discount seniorMember: If the accumulated transaction amount exceeds 5,000 yuan, the system will automatically upgrade to a senior member of the site, and the system will automatically discount 9.8% after the order is placed VIP members: If the accumulated transaction amount exceeds 20,000 yuan, the system will automatically upgrade to the siteVIP members, after the system automatically orders hit 9.7% discount Extreme VIP: accumulated transaction amount over 100,000 yuan, the system automatically upgraded site Extreme VIP members, after the system automatically orders hit 9.6% discount. Note: The above incentives only a single paragraph within one box pricing policies, more than one box price included We reserve the final right to interpret. our faith the principle of "fair and reasonable, good faith operation", to provide comprehensive after-sale protection products. commitment to be responsible for information dissemination, such as words and deeds are inconsistent, causing damage directly to the customer, our company will bear the relevant responsibility. Our company has joined the "buyer protection" support "15 days replacement" service.Replacement services are provided for non-artificially damaged goods, and the return freight is borne by the buyer. Our strict control of product quality, in the case of quality problems, within 15 days after receipt of the goods, apply for return, freight borne by our company.
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